All you need to know about the chronicle of SproutsIO

I am not much of a gardener, but I definitely love exploring and feeding my brain with all the innovative technological innovations which spine support the existence and maintenance of greenery inside and outside our premise. And today my this love has placed me in a position where I can very well share with you the what’s what about SproutsIO.

In my blog titledSMART TECH INDOOR GARDENS – A SMART GARDENING HACKI have shared not one but several technical indoor garden options. But SproutsIO is something unique and unparalleled. SproutsIO ensures that you don’t have to wait for appropriate weather conditions or soil moisture level or humidity level or the specific seasons to sum them all, in order to grow and relish the fruits of your choice. Water and WiFi are its resources, not water and soil. Just have a look, how smart and eye soothing this little enlightened pot of green looks. For me, it was likelove at first sight????

This smart indoor gardening system is a technological blessing for those who love to pamper their taste buds with choicest fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads or sprouts. They can grow it at any time any day of the year without any fear from anywhere.


SproutsIO system = High-performance device + intuitive software controls + comprehensive sIO seed refills

By making use of it’sHybrid Hydroculture Technologyand cultivation software, SproutsIO lets the individual cultivate what one wants, to the best. The technology is enabled to ensure the supply of everything a plant needs to grow and develop.

Thespecifically designed LEDs with wavelengthis crafted in a manner that it can be flexibly moved or even removed as and when needed by the plant. Moreover, there is anonboard cameraandsensorswhich help you to nurture the plant under your keen eye supervision.

SproutsIOGrow appenables the individual to grow his/her plants from anywhere. This mobile plant gardening system smartly platters you with dashboard reports and camera feeds for easy engagement as a gardener.


SproutsIO has all that is needed to win the heart of culinary specialists and chefs. We all know that the best in class, cooking hands wander to pluck the fresh herbs and greens and veggies as and when needed, to enhance the taste of their art. And with this intelligent smart tech beauty is by their side, creativity and confidence are all they are focussed upon.

So we can very well see, how strongly SproutsIO has created its mark. It’s like SproutsIO has synonymized its name with innovative dining, competitive quality, and milestone flavours. SproutsIO has proved to be a mentor of many amateur gardeners by connecting them to the life of the food they consume. It has established a direct relationship between the green food and the food eater. Many individuals own it in their personal kitchen for their personal produce. Will you?