We understand how essential and how desiring it is to have a beautiful garden of your own where you can seed and breed the plants of your choice. But considering the concrete forest residence everywhere, this desire and dream of individuals have taken a backseat. So is this the reason big enough to get a gloomy face? Of course not! Because technology has come up with a solution to this problem too. There are smart tech indoor gardens which do not simply fulfil your desire for personal green space but delight you with many more benefits. Unlike the outdoor gardens which do prove to be too taxing when it comes to their upkeep and maintenance, these indoor garden are equipped with the benefits of:

  • WiFi enabled plant growing units
  • Self-watering containers
  • Prefilled pots for plantation
  • Timers and alarms
  • LED lights and more

Let’s wander through the lanes of some of the trending smart tech indoor gardens, to know what the technology has in store for us:

Nthing Planty

It is the first of its kind internet connected pot plant equipped with sensors to monitor soil humidity,light, and temperature. It can easily be synced with your smartphone and you will be notified about the health of your plant every moment. So no more sadness around on seeing dying herbs and plants, you seeded with love. Since it is equipped with a 17-ounce reservoir to store water, you need not be around to water it. Quench its thirst from anywhere with a simple single smart click on your smartphone.

Boskke Sky Planter

By equipping our smart homes with Boskke Sky Plater, technology has defied the norms of gravity and instead blessed us with the feasibility to tackle space constraint and still be enriched with the experience of an indoor garden. These upside-down beautiful pot plants are like green hanging bulbs which also conserve water for up to two weeks because of its trademarkBoskke Slo-Flo irrigation system. Enjoy sprinkling fresh herbs on your delicacies directly plucked from the top.

Click & Grow

Click & Grow offers you two options for your indoor garden namely smart garden 3 and smart garden 9. Both the products are produce of technology merged with aesthetics. Say bye to the days when you had to take out time and shoulder efforts to get the greenery you always dreamt of. THese indoor garden are self-dependent when it comes to light, water and essential nutrients. These are equipped with special NASA inspired smart soil, special LED lights for plant growth and the best part is these plats are distanced frompesticides and plant hormones.

Aero Garden

With uniqueness at its best, this smart countertop garden is all there to enhance the feel of freshness in your home. Subject to the science ofhydroponics, all plants as grown in it use water and not soil. It is made to accommodate the upbringing of seven plants at a time. Its 70W LED lighting system is perfect for photosynthesis. It’s from facing LCD screen with control panel updates on water and light requirement, it also equips the user with important plant growth tips and tricks.

Sprouts IO

Grow what delights your taste buds with thisautomated indoor growing system. Itsmachine learning technology and proprietary growing profiles grow the plant in accordance with the seed type, and all of it is done automatically. Through the intuitivecontrols, real-time sensor reports, and camera feed of the app you can always feel connected to your plants. It ensures rapid cultivation, is dishwasher-safe, easy to maintain, and resourceful. Not soil and water but Wifi and water are all that Sprouts IO needs to provide you with what you need.

City Crop

All you need is a smartphone app with the application to monitor the growth and need of your plant. Technically equipped to grow the plant as per the specific growth criteria for the particular seed. On can also get updated their smartphone about the tips and techniques of gardening to keep your plant healthy. You can grow anything ranging from herbs, micro greens, lettuces, exotic and leafy plants.

With these automated indoor natural hues of green, you don’t only enhance the ambience of your home but also bring in the culinary benefits, health benefits and choice benefit for sure. So why wait for seasonal fruits, flowers or herbs now, when everything is under tech control. Simply enjoy the flavours of freshness and sight of nature amidst the walls of your smart home.