The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. — Gertrude Jekyll

So why not groom this love for the mutual betterment of the gardener as well as his/her beloved garden with the trending technological inventions and make it free from all the unwanted stress and time consumption. The innovativesmart tech garden productsas available in the market are there to simplify the efforts of the gardener in sufficiently maintaining and improving the various segments of their garden. Let’s explore more:

Plant sensor

Smart plant sensors help you in taking care of the plants in the best possible manner. These sensors study the amount of sunlight exposure, the amount of water required or even give advice on do’s and dont’s of healthy gardening. Apart from these sensors, there are also pots equipped with sensors likeParrot Potwhich measuresLight level, temperature, soil moisture and fertilizer level.Gro Water Sensor Starter Kit,Xiaomi 4 in 1 Plant Monitor,Click and Grow Smart Garden, Parrot FlowerPower and Koubachi wifi plant sensorare some of the trending plant sensor options available in the market.

Smart sprinkler

Smart sprinklers are the future of tech gardens. They are designed to serve the basic purpose to the best and also to save around 70 per cent of water consumption in the garden because of their easy to adjust drip heads and drip watering. These sprinklers can be controlled remotely through mobile applications or Ethernet connectivity. Some of these smart sprinklers are also voice controlled. Here are a few examples:Gardena water sprinkler, Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Compatible with Alexa, Rachio 3,Orbit B-hyve,Netro Smart Sprinkler Controller, Rain Bird, Spruce and more.

Smart weather station

Environment monitoring is an essential part of gardening and when talking about tech gardens the emphasis shifts to smart weather conditions which measure and updateabout the temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, soil moisture and CO2 levels on a real-time basis.Davis Instruments 6250 and Ambient Weather WS-50-C WiFiSmart Weather Stationare the example of smart web-connected weather stations which can also be controlled remotely. So no more looking at clouds and guessing if it will rain or not, simply rely on your weather station which is capable to help you water your plants and lawn more efficiently naturally

Smart outdoor lights

Even your garden has full right to glow in the when it is endowed with the beauty of colourful petals and fragrance. But only white and yellow lights are things of the past now. Today there are lights with thousands of hues to choose from so as to match the mood and environment around. Not only this, these lights are synced to our smartphones and other smart home devices via wireless connection and are remotely accessible via technical digital touch pads. One can easily customize the colour of the lights and add on to the leisure time spent in the garden or patio. The best part is that many of such light options are solar powered and so assists the user to curtail their electricity bills without compromising on choice.Playbulb garden,IFITechSolar Garden Light, andSmart Solar 3760WR20 EMW9008244aresome of the examples falling in this category.

Robot Lawnmower

It’s 2019 and today, it’s not you who are to mow your lawn and gardens. All because of the smart robotic lawnmowers likeWorx Landroidwith artificial intelligence and other sensors orRobomow RS630which has its USP as rain sensor and automatic recharging andHusqvarna’s Automower 450X. The choice of these robotic lawnmowers depends n on several factors ranging from the size of your lawn, the after-sale service and maintenance of the device and more.

Solar LED lights parasol

Patio umbrellas are a great tool to add on to the aesthetics of the garden and equally bring a smile on the face of the friends and family. And imagine the level of excitement these parasols would create when they are both smart and light-embedded.Sundale Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Tilting Crank,APEX Living 9 Feet Patio Umbrella,GC Global Direct 9 foot Outdoor Tilt Umbrella with Solar LED Lights andOYOCO Patio Umbrella Lights (200 lumens)are a few smart choice options if you wish to opt for one.

The use and application of the above mentioned products not only save your time which otherwise was spent in cleaning and grooming your garden but also keeps upheld you dream and desire to pluck fresh kitchen herbs, enjoy the aroma of the new bloom every morning and soothe your eyes with the natural magic of the hues of green and other colors. So overall the use of these products not only rejuvenates your garden with life but also rejuvenates your five senses at best.