Gone are the days when the bathroom was only meant for attending the call of nature or having a shower or attending morning chores. If we go by the trending tech trends the bathrooms have become or have the potential to become one of the smartest rooms of our abode. I personally have always fallen in love with bathrooms which are spacious, clean and clear with a minimal level of accessorization. But today after my rendezvous with the best in class and state of art tech savvy bathroom options available, my love for bathroom level has also reached a new benchmark. So let me usher you with all the means to furnish your bathroom with smart tech options and make me the biggest fan of your little room. And yes, my ideas are not just limited to fancy bathtubs, spa and showers.


Digital showers are the one which can be controlled remotely and provides a complete customized shower experience. These aesthetically flawless digital showers are smart enough to provide you with ideal temperature water for a completely relaxing experience. What more; one can even control the entire showering experience like the rate of water flow and personalized predefined settings for each member of the family through the app. Some of these showers also come with intuitive LED display. You can explore the platter of digital showers as offered by brands likeMiraandAqualisafor a complete hi-tech experience.


How will you react if I say that there are toilets that can clean and sanitise itself, glow in the dark, play music and even cleans and dries its user? Awestruck! But why? It’s a technological era. Today brands likeKohler, SanitarywareandRocahave embedded technological automation even in our toilets.Kohler Numi smart toilethas remote control access with it’s remote exhibiting more than ten functional experience. Then there are LED light equipped sensor based toilet seats. There are options where the seat temperature can also be predefined through an app and the toilet seat automatically opens or closes. Such a smart toilet’s water temperature and pressure are also adjustable. Moreover, they come with air blowers and dyers for that niche experience.


Smart taps and faucets do more than simply preventing water wastage. There are brands likeJaguarandiHousewhich bring you tech embedded faucets for that magically personalized smart experience every time you use them. These digitally sound taps and faucets have few or all of smart features like digital display, temperature control. water flow control, LED light, face recognition technology for providing the water as per the pre-drafted settings for each and every family member exclusively and some are even voice controlled. If this was not enough, few likeFima Smart Faucetalso come with an integrated alarm system which gets activated in case of malfunction or leak.


Séura SMART mirrorsandEvervue Smart mirrorshave transformed the way we see ourselves in bathroom mirrors. These mirrors can easily function as a touch screen with the voice to the text control. These mirrors can let you control the entire automation of your home, while you are still in the bathroom. Then there are bathroom vanity smart mirror which performs multi-tasks like that of the basic function and the other of a smart screen with all that can be performed on tab or phone ( news highlights, social media, smart home automation hub control, etc).


Technology has not just upgraded the pre-existing bathroom fixtures and fittings but has also paved the way for some new gadgets in the bathroom space. And today the trend is such that these smart gadgets have topped the list of must-have items in smart bathrooms.TheUltimate Ears UE Boom 3Bluetooth speakeris one such example. The USP of this product is that it is not only water resistant, but it can float too and accompany you in your bathtub.Fitbit’s Aria 2is the second example. This scale measures yourweight, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI) and lean mass. It can also be synced to Fitbit app wirelessly.Waterpebbleis the third example. This tech smart water savvy device monitors the amount of water that goes out during shower and sets the benchmark for the same when the next time the individual has the shower.


Chromatherapy bathtubs are the latest add on to the list of smart bathtubs. It is based on the belief that certain colourful lights have a relaxing effect on individuals. Also, there are tubs which are voice controlled and which can be synced to the iOS or Android devices. Then there are tubs like the one fromKohler,which are embedded with perfect fill technology and temperature control feature.

So next time when you step in the bathroom door of yours, make sure that you are infatuated with the technology emboldened gems of your little room. The visit to your bathroom should be like a short break to rejuvenate your senses with dewiness. And of course, I will visit your technological glam to feature myself as your bathroom fan ????