Smartness is not in owning smart products but in maintaining those products smartly for a longer duration of life. Similarly for all those who are the owner of smart homes or offices or any premise, here is a piece of textual advice and guidance on how to ensure 24*7 safety of your property from the hazardous FIRE. Apart from smart smoke detectors, there are multiple other resources which can shield your premise from the contingencies of fire.


Smart batteries are a great alternative to the purchase of smart carbon monoxide detectors or smoke detectors or alarms. By simply replacing the existing batteries of your existing detectors with these smart batteries one can join the club of smart means to fire prevention. For example: if you considerRoost Smart 9V Battery for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarmsthen it will be synced with your Wifi and also with the Roost app on your smartphone. The app will update you of the time when the battery needs to be changed. One can also update his/her acquaintance,friends, family, and emergency contacts. So leave behind the worries related to fire accidents at home when you leave your home for vacation or office or some other work. These smart battery apps are there to update you if and when needed


How often have you left the burner of your gas stove on even when it was not in use? Often! So what if you are reminded of this big mistake which is sometimes or often made by you. There are smart stove sensor devices with motion sensing technology which will either remind you or alarm you on your smartphone that you left the burner of your gas stove on or will turn off the burner when not in use.Wallflower Smart Monitor for Electric Stovesis one such example that is compatible with both iOS and Android phones.


The very first difference between the traditional and the new tech smart smoke detectors is that these new age detectors are synced with your smartphones and alerts you on a real-time basis, thus relieving you of any such stress. If this was not enough to take you by awe, then you will be glad to know that there are smart smoke detectors which can be synced with the central heating system of your home and in case of any fir contingency, automatically update the fire rescue department. Some of such product options deliver extra assistance in the form of assisting the insiders to evacuate the premise by providing them directions. Other than this there are few who are equipped with a camera and also others which automatically shut down your HVAC system when smoke modules are detected in the air. In this categoryHalo + Weather Alert AC Hardwired Photoelectric Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery Back-Upis one of the top-rated options. It has six different sensors to detect the types of fire (fast or slow) and also carbon monoxide. In case of alarm, the lightning ring of the devices turns on and also a notification is received on a smartphone. It is synced withNOAAweather radio and hence as per your customized settings will update you n various weather contingencies too. It makes use of the humidity and temperature readings to profile the various kinds of fire and distinguish between an actual mishap or the cooking flame. It can easily be synced withLowe’s Iris,Amazon Echo, andSmartThings.


Smart plug lets you communicate with your appliances or electronic devices wirelessly via smartphone. Easier to choose from, these smart plugs are much easier to instal. You can control your device which has been connected via smart plug from anywhere, simply through the app. Also, you don’t need any special or specific plug points for these plugs.Belkin WeMo Insight Smart Plug,ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 andiHome iSP6X SmartPlugare few trending options in this category.

Although we have equipped you with a vast amount of knowledge on how to combat the fire, you are also advised to have word with professionals before installing any type of above-mentioned devices. This is because the structure and vitals of your abode will determine what kind of smart device should you opt for and how effective it will turn out to be.