Have you ever thought that the way we engineer our abode, and also wield technology to operate our home appliances and system, impact our natural environment to a great ambit?

Its high time we weigh the fact that smart homes are not the ones which are solely furnished with technology to monitor the entire home system at the touch of remote access, but an unequivocally smart home is the one which is thoroughly equipped with smart green technology to ensure there is zero or at least reduced carbon footprint count. Temperature control, light control, the layout and even the type of material used for the construction are some of the major areas which need to be taken care of to ensure that your home is indeed a smart home. Although its easier to build such green tech homes from scratch than to upgrade the traditional ones; smart tech solutions are present to suit every need type.

Let’s equip ourselves with the knowledge and ideas to :

  • Building smart homes from scratch
  • Rebuilding the traditional homes into green tech smart homes


Gone are the days of bulky solar rooftop panels. Today solar power technology holds high a platter of options for you to choose from. Depending on your need you may opt for bifacial solar panels or double-sided solar panels, all glass solar panels, frameless solar panels or modules, or clear solar panels or solar skin designs to match your roof shingles. Solar windows and solar shingles are the other two innovative solutions where solar energy is fashioned with technology to meet our energy requirements.Learn more about these two exclusive and innovative solar solutions.


It’s time now to even make your toilets smart with this dual flush technology. As the name suggests, the dual flush toilets handle water conservation by means of two flush buttons or levers, one each for the two different needs of solid and liquid waste. The user is provided with two flush options to use water as required because we do not need an equal quantity of water to flush out each waste. So why to waste more, when less serves the purpose. Do you know that this technology can save approximately 20k litres of water on an annual basis? Surprising, but true!


Cool roof technology is like one man army which reduces the need and cost of artificial air conditioning and also minimizes the discomfort during hot days. This technology does not cut your pockets deep but it does curtail the heat of your rooms to a large extent. As per the technical know-how, the application of cool roof technology reflects a substantial level of sunlight and emits more heat outside as compared to our traditional rooftops. Because there are multiple options which come under this category, there is a scale (numbered from o to 10) to measure the heat reflectance and emissivity of each on the rooftop. For more details on the list of cool roof technology options, you would like to refer to the upcoming cool roof technology options techblog pageof our website.


Smart thermostats are the one that can turn on or of the HVAC system of your home by self predicting your presence or absence in home accordingly. It ensures that you have thorough control over the HVAC system of your home even when you are in or even close to your premise. Smart thermostats are extremely beneficial in reducing the utility bills value and also the carbon footprint count of your home to a large extent.Nest Learning Smart Thermostatis one of the premium examples of smart thermostats available in the market.


A few feet below the earth surface the temperature remains constant throughout the year irrespective of the summer or winter extremities as faced above the earth surface. Geothermal technology is all about taking advantage of this natural fact to maintain an optimum temperature in our abode. The use of geothermal technology reduces the dependence on artificial means of temperature control thereby reducing our count on electricity bills and carbon footprints to a large extent. Its all about ensuring that the temperature of your residence remains naturally comfortable throughout the year by one single use of geothermal HVAC technology. For more details please reach out to ourtech blogsection.


Makeover your ordinary home appliances into smart ones by the simple use of smart plugs and smart strips. Smart plugs are a pocket-friendly and user-friendly smart tool to convert even the simplest of the home appliances into smart ones. With the use of smart plugs, one can access even the simplest of the electrical home appliances by means of their smartphone. A complete read ofWeMo Insight Smart Plugwill further help you comprehend the concept in an easier way.

To sum up;

“It is not what technology does to us, it is what we do to technology.Get smart with technology. Choose wisely and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you”