Smart devices that will help new parents’ sail through (Infographic)

Being a new parent makes new parents forgetful and their life stressful. No matter how organized and on top of things they usually are, it’s always a new experience with a new baby and not every parent will be the best at it from the start. By making use of technology and smart products, they can reduce the stress by crossing off things on their list that they may need to constantly worry about!

Below are few very useful and interesting products we recommend new parents to try.

Diaper Sensor

We have very often seen parents of newborns performing the “Sniff Test” to check if their baby has soiled his/her diaper. It may not be the happiest thing for them to do. Hence, Monit has introduced a smart diaper sensor. It is a small flat round device that needs to be attached to the outside of a baby diaper and it alerts parents when the diaper needs to be changed. The real time status of the diaper can be tracked on the smart phone to check if the diaper is dry, wet or soiled. It works on Bluetooth technology. The connected app can provide insights into the number of diapers changed and the changing pattern over a period of time. Monit can also be used to monitor the environment for temperature and air quality.

Changing Pad and Scale

Many parents have known to take stress thinking if their baby is feeding well and gaining enough weight. Hatch Baby has a product that works as a changing pad and has a built in wireless scale to measure baby’s weight and also the amount the baby feeds. The connected app shows the baby’s weight in the form of easy to read charts along with insights into baby’s feeding and sleep patterns. Using the app the data can be shared with the pediatrician and upto 5 caregivers. The foam used in the changing pad is soft and comfortable which is easy to clean.

Smart Bassinet

With all products being introduced in their smart version, the crib is not behind anymore. Although relatively new and with not many players here, we came across Snoo Smart Bassinet that redefines the way your baby sleeps. It creates a womb like experience for the baby so that the baby remains calm and is less cranky. It prevents the baby from rolling over and plays white noise which is known to help babies stay happy. The sound of the music automatically adjusts if the bassinet senses that the baby is crying. Connected app records baby’s sleep pattern and can control the bassinet remotely to adjust motion, sound and cry sensitivity.

Baby Monitors

There are a variety of baby monitors available in the market ranging from audio/video monitors to those that measure specific health parameters like baby’s respiration and heart rate.Audio/ Video monitorsoffer high quality sound and video facility within a specified range. They might also include features to send alerts if the baby cries or wakes up and makes sounds. They can also produce white noise or play lullabies to soothe a crying baby.

Other monitors likeOwlet Smart Sockand Mimo onesie are wearable baby monitors that monitor the baby’s breathing, heart rate, sleep position, temperature etc. and alert the parents in case the vitals deviate from the normal range. It offers peace of mind to parents, especially at night.

Smart Digital Ear Thermometer

It is difficult to have your baby be stable for even 30 seconds at a stretch to be able to get his/ her temperature. But the latest smart thermometers require just a second to record the baby’s temperature. The temperature is measured by placing the thermometer in the baby’s ear. Not just this, once synced with an app, they keep track of temperatures and also provide insights based on the results.

Philipsand Kinsa Digital Smart thermometers offer interesting features and are quite accurate with their results.


Use of smart devices to take care of babies not only save parents’ time and makes their life convenient but also are good from a baby’s health perspective. Biggest plus point is the peace of mind it provides. So, we totally recommend the use of smart devices as additional care for your cute little ones!