Smart Home Appliances


Smart home appliances are electronic appliances that connect to our smart home network to improve and expand the features available in regular electronic appliances. They bring the benefit of smart home technology where we can control them remotely via our smart phones and receive notifications when their activity has completed. They can also be controlled through voice commands by connecting them through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Let’s have a look at some of the smart appliances that make our life more convenient.

Smart Refrigerator

Refrigerators can now connect to the internet to provide features that have changed the way refrigerators were used. It is no more just an appliance to save your food from spoiling, but an appliance users depend on for recipes, ordering groceries, entertainment and much more. Some interesting features offered by most of the smart refrigerators are:

  • Easy to use LED touch screen interface for manual control and selections.
  • Sensors that open the door automatically (very useful if you need the fridge to open when your hands are full).
  • Scan the food inside to let you know if some of them are about to spoil or if it is already spoiled.
  • Keeps track of groceries and helps in preparation of grocery list in real time. Advanced models are able to place an order for the items from your online account so that you never run out of essential items.
  • Can be voice controlled when connected via Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Can be controlled remotely through a compatible app installed on your smartphone.
  • View your favourite shows on the touchscreen display (using screen cast option from your smart TV).
  • Internal cameras to view everything that is inside without opening the fridge.

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Smart TV

Television is the most basic appliance we find in every home. Earlier, the basic criteria for choosing the television suitable for your home was screen size, picture quality and sound quality. But, with the advent smart TVs, connectivity and capability to view online media content has become one of the topmost criteria for choosing a TV. Some features offered by smart TVs are:

  • Works on an operating platform that when connected to a network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet lets users access, manage, and view online and network-based media content.
  • Apps are available for download that offer various internet channels to view.
  • The apps might also allow web browsing and gaming facility.
  • They allow to mirror the content from a compatible smart phone to your smart TV via screen sharing option.

Smart Microwave

Most users of conventional microwave used it just for reheating their food or pop up a bag of popcorn. But, with smart microwaves that have Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled through a smart phone or even your voice, you land up with a smart appliance that will be used for much more than just reheating food. Some features that make smart microwaves more versatile are:

  • Voice controlled via compatible systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Control remotely from anywhere through an app installed on your smart phone.
  • Receive alerts/ notifications when the food is ready.
  • Track cooking data and suggest customised settings based on habits and preferences.
  • LED touchscreen interface makes it user friendly.
  • Can look up for suitable recipes and cooking instructions if provided with ingredient list or bar codes of ingredients.
  • Interiors are designed to keep the microwave free from unwanted microbial growth.
  • Incorporated with moisture sensors that avoid overcooking of food.
  • Energy efficient by turning the device off when not in use.

Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machine is washing machine with improved and expanded features due to option of connectivity to the internet. It can be controlled from anywhere through apps installed on your smart phone. It also sends alerts and notifications when wash cycles have completed. It helps to control various settings options, more than selecting of hot or cold water. Some other interesting features of smart washing machine are:

  • Wash cycles can be tracked in real-time through the app installed on your smartphone.
  • Fitted with sensors that detect how dirty the clothes are and accordingly uses the right amount of detergent and water in appropriate wash time.
  • Sends notification when it’s time to refill the detergent. Advance models are capable of placing an order to purchase detergent from an online store.
  • Newer models are designed to be energy efficient by turning off the device when not in use or when energy consumption rate is at its peak.
  • Can be voice controlled by connecting it with systems such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Ability to self-diagnose and alert users if cleaning, maintenance or repair is needed.


As with all electronic appliances, features of smart appliances too vary depending on brand and model. However, with all of them work on the concept of Internet of Things, where these appliances connect to the internet and expand their features to save time, cost and energy. They are also sure to make your life more convenient and make daily chores a little interesting.