Product Review: Nest Learning Smart Thermostat

About the Product

Nest Learning Thermostat is an advanced and powerful control system that boasts of features that will tempt you to upgrade to a smart home where the cooling and heating will be controlled automatically by the thermostat. It learns home owners’ habits over a period of time and starts controlling temperatures on its own accordingly.

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Concept and Design

The smart thermostat involves two parts:

  1. Heat Link, which attaches to the boiler and controls both the heating and hot water (if required). It is designed as a simple plastic box as we don’t have to see much of it.
  2. Main thermostat, which connects wirelessly to the Heat Link. Users can choose to wall-mount it, or place it wherever it is most convenient and in clear sight of view.

It is available in 4 colour options – copper, black, white and steel. Each of them are attractive and users can choose the one that best suits their home. The dimensions of the main thermostat is 84 x 84 x 32mm.

Apart from being attractive, the design is pretty practical too.The outer ring on the thermostat can be rotated to view options. It can be clicked or pushed to the wall to select items. Controls are swift and precise. When clicked to select an option, it acknowledges with a click sound.

The thermostat connects to the wireless network. It works well with other Nest devices, such as a Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest Cam IQ or Nest Hello. The thermostat can also use these devices to connect to the network.

Use and Performance

We recommend the thermostat to be installed with professional help. However, some users find it easy to install on their own with the help of step-by-step guide in the app. The guide has diagrams and video tutorials that can help with the installation.

One of the most striking feature of this thermostat is its ability to learn. So, how does it really learn? The thermostat has built-in sensors to monitor humidity, temperature, light and movement. When the user adjusts temperature, the thermostat notes the temperature the user prefers at particular times of the day. In other words, it works out to learn the users schedule and then automatically starts adjusting the temperatures based on that schedule. If users find this process takes time, they can set an initial schedule and then let the thermostat pick up smaller changes with time.

Apart from the manual control on the thermostat, users can also use the app to increase or decrease the temperature. Temperature change is applicable until the next set point change and is fed into the learning algorithm.

The next most appealing thing of the thermostat is that it makes homes energy efficient. Users need to click on the green leaf icon to allow the thermostat to use features that help in energy saving. It is basically the Eco mode. There are multiple features of the thermostat that help to save energy:

  • With the help of light and motion sensors, the thermostat senses when no one is at home and activates the Auto-Away mode, which changes the temperature to save energy.
  • Auto-Away mode can also be activated when the GPS on users’ phone indicates that they are not at home.
  • It has an Airwave feature in which, the thermostat aims at using the remaining cold air from the AC compressor after it has been shut off. This way by, shutting the compressor off early, about 30% of energy can be saved.
  • The thermostat activates only when the difference between the home temperature and target temperature is 1-degree or more. Although, it might make it less precise, this wider temperature swing makes the thermostat energy efficient.

The Good

  • Nest thermostat’s ability to learn by tracking users’ temperature preferences and schedule. Once it has learnt, it can then program itself to adjust temperatures accordingly
  • Far sight high quality display
  • Aesthetically appealing giving home a smart modern look
  • Sends a notification when the air filter needs to be changed or if it detects any malfunction in the AC or heater

The Bad

  • Radiator control option could have been useful


TechYourSpace considers Nest Learning Thermostat as an extremely efficient, easy-to-use, high-quality and powerful programmable smart thermostat. The learning and automatic scheduling feature is the unique, and definitely set to make users’ life more convenient and their home more energy efficient.

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