Product Review – AppKettle: A Kettle with an App

About the Product

Appkettle is a modest kettle that uses Internet of Things connectivity. It is compatible with voice-enabled home hubs and voice assistants, like Alexa. It is one of a kind kettle with features that are not offered by any other brand in the market currently.

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Concept and Design

The kettle has smooth, sleek lines with a brushed aluminium finish. The body of the kettle is sturdy, not too heavy and the handle has a heat resistant silicone cover with a decent length and grip. The overall balance of the kettle is just good enough to pour.

The kettle is of regular size measuring 240 x 203 x 320 mm. It has a capacity to hold 1.7-liter liquid and can make upto 10 cups of beverage.

The Appkettle’s base station is the main technical component of the device. It has 5 buttons for manually controlling the device. The five buttons include Power (to turn the device off/on), WiFi (to turn connection off/on), Keep Warm (to keep the liquid warm) and temperature control + / – for manually adjusting the temperature. One press of power will turn it on (if on at the mains obviously). Wait a moment and a second press will start heating. The default is to boil. You can though select a temperature between 60°C and 100°C using the + / – buttons.

It also has an LED display showing the current temperature of the water.


To enjoy all features of the smart kettle, the app (available for Android and iOS devices) needs to be downloaded and installed. Pairing to your kettle to the smartphone is a breeze.The smartphone and kettle need to be on the same network. Once you open the app, create an account with Appkettle using a valid email address and password. Next, the app will display an alphanumeric identifier. Just tap on this and the connection is made.

Now, it will take a few seconds to calibrate the weight of the kettle on the base station. Amount of water (in ml) in the kettle is displayed on the app screen.

Using the app, users can remotely control the device to turn the base station on/off and to start a manual heating to a chosen temperature.

Skills and Features

AppKettle has many other interesting skills and features that make it popular among many gadget lovers. It has a few scheduling tools. Users can set “Favourites” in which they can set a desired temperature and brew time in minutes. This can then be scheduled to turn on at a particular time and also repeat on regular basis.

AppKettle can be remotely controlled using a smartphone. If a kettle is pre-filled, users can boil the content at a specified time to a set temperature. The app will also send an alert via the app on user’s smartphone once the beverage is ready or set operation is complete. The app can also integrate with few messengers so that users can invite their friends over for a hot beverage.

One of Appkettle’s most unique feature is its ability to records power usage. It allows users to calculate the cost of using it. Users can also set the app to send up to 6 recurring alarms/notifications.

Lastly, the device has a Baby Bottle mode. Users can set the device in this mode for a specified amount of time, with an option to repeat. In this mode, it will boil the water and then set the temperature to 70°C to keep the water warm.Users can also set a time when they want the water to be ready, the size of the bottle, and the number of bottles required.

The Good

  • A well-built kettle that is sturdy with good balance
  • Takes safety measure by not activating automatic and remote heating if the water level is low
  • It has 128-bit AES security to prevent unauthorized connections via the internet

The Bad

  • Users cannot schedule more than one event at a time
  • Baby Bottle mode and ‘Schedule’ cannot be used at the same time


TechYourSpace recommends Appkettle for the more gadget-obsessed, who is a hot beverage fan having it several times every day. The reason why this one stands out amongst the crowd is its ability to integrate with third party hubs. The app and kettle are both well designed and user friendly.