Solar Smart Homes


Keeping our planet green is a responsibility of every homeowner. They can do so by getting smarter and going solar so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the introduction of smart inverters, energy monitors and new generation battery storage, solar energy systems have joined the Internet of Things and are a significant piece of the puzzle of improving energy efficiency in an automated, smart home.

Smart home devices can be integrated with a variety of solar inverters in order to optimize how the energy generated through solar panels is used throughout our home.

There are places where electricity prices vary during different times of the day. So, in an automated home with solar panels you can set certain appliances to only turn on if the weather is favorable for solar electricity generation and/or your battery system has sufficient charge to support the operation without needing to draw electricity from the mains grid.


  • With rising energy prices, use of solar smart homes can save considerable money on utilities by optimizing the use of solar energy generated.
  • Access new forms of security and convenience.
  • Track the performance of your home solar power system and your connected devices at a convenience of sitting at home and monitoring it through your phone or computer.
  • Smart Home intelligently monitors our home’s current electricity production and consumption. This information can be seen directly on our smartphone at any time.
  • Specify times when certain devices run to ensure they only run when solar energy is available.
  • Boost energy efficiency – you get to monitor how much energy you use and consume in real time, and decide when and where the lights stay on.
  • Makes financial sense especially in locations where power back up is necessary. With low unit cost, zero fuel cost, infrequent maintenance requirement and higher capacity you can expect considerable cost saving.
  • Solar smart home reduces carbon footprint.


There is a rapid increase in adoption of solar energy by consumers as it helps them to reduce costs. With rise in energy bills each year, a smart home powered by solar energy is the smartest decision that homemakers need to make. It’s a matter of making a smart choice — for your home and the planet.