Reliable Tech-smart Brands Of 2019 For A Smart Home

After sharing the much-needed information of multiple smart home products, its time to foster our audience with the scoop of information on the brands which are a one-stop destination for multiple smart home essentials. My only intent behind updating you with the presence of these brands is to upgrade your knowledge and save your time, while you plan for making your residence equally smart as you are. Over here you will acquaint yourself to such brands which are a single point destination to your multiple smart home needs.


First thing first. Goggle and Nest have joined hands and so are now better known as Google Nest. Nest as a smart home brand has always believed in modifying the current home scenario into a smart one with the simplest of moves. Google Nest has tried to give a new definition to smart homes. It believes that home can do much more than simply providing you comfort and shelter. It can be your caretaker.

Since Nest is now connected to Google, all its product owners are automatically connected to the 35000+ Google Assistant synced products doing the rounds of the market.

Nest and Google prioritize the privacy of its product users. Therefore, they provide you with a set of privacy commitments and data protection when you establish a relationship with them.

With all the products of Nest under one roof, you need just one common Google Account to conduct all the smart moves, in association with the products.

The range of Google Nest home for redefining your home as a smart one is immense. Here is a list:


Smartthings brand is equipped with all the tricks to make your home smart and your life simpler. With Smartthings as your family member, you need not worry about anything, but yourself. Get up in the morning, to a warm cup of coffee, with radio music, thermostat and lights on. While you leave the home, Smartthings locks all your doors, turns off the thermostat and lights, and turns on the security camera. On your arrival from work, Smartthings turns on the thermostat and lights along with other programmed appliances. If this was still not enough, Smartthings further reminds you in case the door or windows are left open, while you are about to doze off. Smartthings is compatible with 300+ products belonging to multiple different brands like Amazon, Belkin, Bosch, Ecobee and more.

Smartthings ensures the safety and security of your smart home by means of :


Belin Wemo as a brand believes in bringing to its customers the customized smart home solutions. The Wemo smart home products ranging from switches, sockets and security cameras and more, all ensure remote accessibility, ease of application use and compatibility with other devices like Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

Its product kit comprises of the following:

So if you are looking forward to taking a smart move for your home, the above-mentioned brands undoubtedly are your one place destination for multiple product types. The products of the above-mentioned brands are the revolutionary moves of the smart tech era, as ruled by just one word-technology. So explore them to know them. Apart from the three top brands mentioned above, Sonos, Ecobee, and Philips hue are the other names which lead the league of smart home revolutionary brands.