Smart Devices for your Smart Kids (Infographic)

Smart homeconcept is the concept trending these days. With parents trying to upgrade all the devices at home to smart devices, why should the kids lag behind? There are a variety ofproductsin the market designed especially for kids. Be it for their security, learning or entertainment. Parents can introduce the concept of technology in young children’s early learning days to enhance their analytical and creative thinking.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices for kids are usually in the form of wearable gadgets such as smart watch. The devices are designed specifically for kids keeping in mind use restrictions, ease of use and compatibility with parent’s smart phone. These devices can be used to set safe boundaries for kids and receiving a notification if the child has wandered away from this. They also offer real time tracking to ensure that parents can login and check the location at anytime from anywhere. The tracker might also be fitted with a panic button which the child can use to alert his/her parents in case he needs help in an emergency situation. Some of these gadgets also allow two way communication via voice calls or text messages.

The gadgets are usually designed keeping in mind that the use is not complicated with simple buttons suitable for tiny fingers. They are also made attractive with vibrant colors so that the child is not reluctant to wear it. Makers sometimes might include simple fun games for child’s entertainment.

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Robotic Toys

There is a variety of tech toys available in the market for kids of different age. There are smart robotic kits that parents can use to introduce robotics concepts to their kids. It’s a great way to get their mind thinking as well as enjoy in the process. The kits are designed to make them suitable for young children by eliminating unsafe activities such as soldering or heating. Making these toys compatible with Lego helps kids to think creatively.

Makers apply a variety of design concepts to suit what a kid would enjoy the most. They are available in various themes such as superheroes, Star Wars, space, supercars etc.

The toys come with clear instructions for kids to build their robots. With the help of some supervision children can put together all components and build a robot which eventually goes on the inspire them to create and invent something on their own.

Touch and Learn Activity Desks

These are great tools for parents who want to introduce tech gadgets to their kids but also not let them miss out on hands-on-activities. Both these aspects are important for the present generation of kids as hands-on-activities helps in the development of motor skills, while familiarity with use of tech gadgets is need of the hour.

Smart learning activity desks includes an interactive screen display which has different modules programmed for children as per age and curriculum. It can help kids learn from very basic things like letters, numbers and shapes to more advanced concepts like calculations. It can transform into a traditional board on which kids can practice drawing and writing using a chalk. These desks can incorporate additional features like music and rhymes for some entertainment and fun.

As kids grow, they have the urge to learn and experience new things. Whether they have just started to understand things or have just started to create things,smart gadgetscan act as enablers to stimulate their minds. Parents can have peace of mind by being able to track what their kids do and where they are. It’s a win-win situation in a child parent relationship.