Smart Home Devices for every Room

Smart Home Technology works on the basic principle that most home devices can connect to the internet. Not just computers and phones but other electronic and non-electronic appliances too. Not just your laptop, but your laptop bag too, not just your coffee machine, but the coffee cup also is now smart. All these work on the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) which means they connect to the internet and communicate with each other, send information, and accept commands from the users.

Some of these devices are suitable for specific parts of your home, while there are some that’s good to have in any part of your home. This articles aims to throw light on some of these devices.

Smart Home Hubs

Smart home hubs help get your smart devices working together. If you use gadgets of different brands and want them all working in coordination, controlled as one, a hub will be helpful. Such hubs help to access the smart devices remotely. Your smart coffee machine can prepare a hot cup of coffee for you when you return home after a long day’s work. The hub essentially registers all the devices and then allows you to control all these devices using a single app. Some smart devices brands can only be controlled using the same manufacturer’s hub, and not by a third party or dedicated smart home hubs. So, if you wish to control all your devices through a single app, do take this point into consideration when installing any new device.

Temperature Control for Every Room in Your House

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats can now let you control the temperature in every part of your home without you having to go to that room. They communicate with all the smart devices at home. They can be controlled remotely using your smart phone or also accept voice commands. Having a bright bold display can help to monitor temperature even when sitting far away. Some of these thermostats not only make your home smart but energy efficient too. Over few days, they learn about the habits of the users and then automatically adjust temperatures to help save energy.

Multi-Room Audio Systems

The concept of multi-room audio systems has become very popular over a period of time. Rise in popularity has also contributed to its evolution from long wires and complex controlled systems to a small wireless portable device controlled by a touch of your finger or by the sound your voice. These audio systems allows you to play different music in different rooms or play the same music in unison in multiple rooms. It not only allows you to play your own music from a storage device but also lets you stream music from different services such as Spotify or Apple music.

Smart Home Intercom System

This is a Smart Communication device that allows you to connect to your family members both at home and away from home. These intercom systems have many more additional features compared to the traditional intercom systems. They not only allow voice communication but also, video calling. They allow you to continue with your work and let you call out your family members just by voice commands. It can also help you communicate with a visitor at your doorstep.

Universal Smart Home Remote

If you are a tech freak with many smart products, then this is a must device for you. These universal smart home remotes can be used to operate all your smart gadgets from air conditioners to smart lights. One of the most popular smart home remotes is the one offered by Logitech. It’s a touch screen remote that can not only operate the devices but also sense a person’s movement nearby.