Product Review: Ozmo Smart Water Bottle

About the product

Stay healthy and hydrated! Following this motto, Ozmo has introduced a Smart Bottlefor people who need to keep track of their water and/or coffee intake. Many people struggle to drink enough water throughout the day due to their busy schedule, distraction, or just not remembering that they need to drink water.Ozmo’s smart water bottleis designed to remind you to drink water to reach a daily set goal and keep track of the same. Drinking more water will make you feel goodand keep you away from problems associated with dehydration.

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Design and Concept

This bottle is made using ABS plastic which provides a good protection if the bottle falls. The smart bottle is available in a range of attractive colors – blue, grey, purple, red, sea green, pink and white. It has an ergonomically designed handle that makes it easy to carry. At the base, there is a detachable tab which has the ‘Reset’ button and a micro-USB charging port. It takes about two hours to fully charge the battery which can last for up to 23 days after a full charge.

On the side of the bottle, there are three LED lights to track your progress towards reaching your goal:

  • When you reach 20% of your hydration goal, the first LED light will start glowing.
  • When you reach 50% of your goa, two LEDs will glow.
  • When you have achieved your goal all the three LED lights will also become active.

The LED lights also have secondary indications like:

  • The middle LED glows to inform you that the lid is open.
  • All three LEDs glow when you are charging the bottle and it is fully charged.

The bottle also alerts you through different vibration patterns:

  • It vibrates once to indicate that the lid has closed properly.
  • It vibrates thrice to indicate that the lid is open.
  • It vibrates six times when you haven’t sipped water for more than an hour.

The app is the main platform to record and keep track of your drinking stats. On the home screen you can see how far you have reached in achieving your daily goal. You can also view and analyse the daily, weekly and monthly breakdown of your liquid intake and if you achieved the goal or not. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the bottle’s capability to track intake of liquids other that water and coffee. The barcode of the drink can be scanned or information can be entered manually and then track its consumption.

How to use

The bottle needs to be connected to either an Android or to an iOS device using the Ozmo app. So, download, install and open the app, and tap Get Started. A profile window will open where you need to enter your demographics info such as gender, height, weight and age. Using these, the app will suggest your daily water intake goal at different levels – easy, medium and hard. You can choose the one that suits you or enter your own goal. Now, the bottle needs to be paired with the Ozmo app via Bluetooth. The bottle will vibrate along with the LEDs blink to indicate that pairing is successful.

Next, fill the bottle with the choice of your liquid and watch a representation of the same on your app. Close the lid to activate the bottle’s Bluetooth. Drink away and let the sensors capture every sip and you achieve your goal to stay fit and healthy.

The Good

  • Long lasting battery life of about 23 days once fully charged
  • Integrates with various other fitness gadgets like Fitbit and Apple health
  • Once the bottle is charged and set up, it is a breeze to use
  • Motivates to hit the daily goal through the indicator lights
  • The bottle is sturdy and leak-proof

The Bad

  • There is no indication of how much water is left inside the bottle
  • Weighs about 12.7 ounces(360 gms) when empty. When filled with a litre of water or coffee, it becomes pretty heavy and bulky to carry around


It is an established fact that hydration is important for healthy living. But drinking lots of water happens naturally for some people while others need a push, motivation or constant reminders. So, if you’re one of those to whom drinking plenty of water doesn’t happen naturally, we recommend you to try the Smart Ozmo Water bottle. Overtime, it will train you to reach out for water naturally. But, if you do forget, it will remind you.