Is your plant thirsty? Mi Plant Sensor is here to tell you!


The Xiaomi Plant Monitor is a Bluetooth connected data aggregator that allows the user to monitor plant vitals such as soil moisture, fertility, light, and temperature. It is useful for tracking the soil condition in the potted plants at home.

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Set up is fairly straight forward. There are just 2 steps –

  1. Insert the monitor into the soil. It is the black fork-shaped probe that needs to be fully inserted into the soil for the measurements to be precise. The probe surface needs to come in firm contact with soil for proper measurement.
  2. Pair the device to the app (Flower Care) on your Android or iOS smartphone. To pair the device, download and install the app. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on. Tap on the ‘+’ sign. It will scan the area for the plant monitor device. Once, the device is discovered, the device and phone should be paired successfully.


The app is pretty easy to use. It records the soil moisture, fertility, light, and temperature data by day, week, or month. Users can view data history, which is the data saved when the device was synced to the account on the phone. Users can also see real time data. Recording of data by different time duration allows to view long term data in the form of trends or charts.

The app has been pre-loaded with soil requirements of over hundreds of plant. Users can use this as a guide to ensure that soil conditions are optimum for the particular plant that they are trying to grow.

After the setup, the plant needs to be added to the Flower Monitor app. After adding your plant, the probe needs to be inserted into the soil. From there user gets to monitor the sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertility of the plant.

Concept behind measurement

The probe estimates the soil moisture by measuring capacitance between the two legs. It measures conductance between the two shiny metal dots on the probe. The more dissolved mineral (such as Potassium and Calcium ions) there is in the moisture in the soil, the more conductive they should be.

The Good

  • Measurements are consistent
  • Small and light weight device
  • Users can view reports of how the plant vitals are changing over a period of time
  • Provides suggestion on taking care of the plants

The Bad

  • Some users have reported issues with Bluetooth connectivity: Sometimes the device fails to connect or sync data
  • Does not have reminders or notification options
  • Needs to be paired every time user wants to use
  • Can only be used for one pot at a time


The Xiaomi Plant Monitor performs what it is designed for. The measurements seem to be consistent and provides basic direction on taking care of your plants. Additional features on the app could improve its usefulness, such as providing notifications or thresholds alerts. It is recommended for users who are avid plant lovers and are very serious about keeping their potted plants healthy. We say so, because it requires some extra effort of connecting it every time user wishes to use it.