Product Review: Owlet Smart Sock

About the Product

Owlet smart sock is a wireless monitoring device for your child that continuously keeps measuring the baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation (SO2) levels. It comprises of a pulse oximeter which is similar to the one used in hospitals.

The device helps parents sleep better because they know they will be notified if their baby’s vitals were to divert from safe levels.

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Design and Concept

The Owlet set has 3 components – a wireless pulse oximeter, base/ docking station and an app for smartphone or smart tablet. The pulse oximeter captures the oxygen levels and heart rate which is communicated to the base station via Bluetooth. The base station when connected to a Wi-Fi network sends an alert to your smart device if the baby’s oxygen saturation (SO2) and heart rate levels are outside of the safe and normal range.

Preset range for heartbeat is 60-220 beats per minute and for oxygen saturation is 80%. However, you can customize the threshold levels if you wish to receive alerts for alternate readings.

The owlet smart sock is made of cotton to allow breathability and baby’s comfort. The base station can be placed up to 100 foot / 30 meters away from the baby. We need to ensure that the sock and monitor are within the range of Bluetooth signal. Also, need to ensure that the base station is connected to your Wi-Fi network. The Connected Care App records all the data the sock collects and prepares a report on the baby’s sleep cycle and oxygen and heart rate levels throughout the night. The information on the app can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The base station as different colored lights indicating the status of the baby and sock. A continuously glowing green light indicates that everything is under control and there is nothing to worry about. A yellow alarm will pulse if the sock is not placed correctly and the device is unable to capture readings. Along with the light, it plays a melodious nursery song. If the baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels deviate from the threshold levels, the light changes to red color and a loud alarm starts ringing.

Battery last through the night and recharges in about 3 hours by plugging the sock into the base.

The Good

  • The sock is designed really well that wraps firmly around the baby’s foot and does not fall off easily.
  • The sock is made with cotton that keeps it soft and breathable.
  • It’s light and small device. So, it’s quite comfortable for the baby wearing it.
  • It’s a non-invasive monitoring device.

The Bad

  • Battery life could be better as it only lasts through the night and needs to be charged every day.
  • The blue tooth range between the sock and the base station is 100 feet. This can be said to be short for parents with larger homes, resulting in connection issues.


We recommend Owlet smart sock for parents who have a baby with certain health issues like breathing problems. It can offer peace of mind when they know that if anything is about to go wrong, they will be alerted in time.

Also, the smart sock is not a substitute for baby monitors as it does not provide any audio or video feed, but can act as a complimentary device to your regular audio/video baby monitors.

Although it’s a bit expensive, but it does offer a peace of mind. And we cannot out a price tag to peace of mind. Hence, we do recommend the product.