Best 5 tech smart switch options for your smarter home

Small in size but big and powerful in terms of usage – the switches and sockets of our home. Technologically involved companies are exploring every available and untapped section of the smart homes and offices to come up with ideas which are technologically advanced and are sure to beat the competition with its unbeatable potential.

There is one thing common to all the smart rooms of any smart home and i.e. the switches and sockets which fuel in power to our smart home appliances and gadgets. So today lets explore these miniatures in size, who because of their smart aesthetics and functionality are sure to catch hold of the attention of every home visitor.

Sentido’s sensitive switches

Sentido, is an innovation towards simplicity brought to you by Basalt. Its well-outlined design with the smart touch control differentiates it from the crowd. With its KNX home automation, it’s every surface performs unique functions. Because of itsmulti-touchfunction, the act of controlling lights in your rooms have become extremely intuitive and personalized. Its scene sequencer functionallows selection of up to four scenes. Its internal temperature sensor is directly synced with the home automation system. Not only this, Sentido comes with integratedthermostat logicto control the heating and air-conditioning of the room. It has multicolour LED backlight and has anintegrated RGB sequencerin sync with its touch control.

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Switch

Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi 15A Universal LED/Incandescent Switch is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, it does not require any hub. It works best when used with any NEST device. By means of its smartphone application, one can easily access the lights and loads from anywhere, where there are Wifi and internet connectivity. Also one can preschedule the timings when the light has to go on and when it has to go off. It easily supports the LED and CFL up to 600 Watts along with lighting loads up to 1800 Watts. But these switches are of use in countries with NEMA standards only, including the United States, Canada and parts of South America. Not only technology, but the craftsmanship is also the zone where these switches score full marks. One can adjust the colour of the switch as per the decor by means of its colour changing kit and also for a very neat installation, one can make use of Leviton screwless wallplate.

Mac Funamizu Gesture-controlled light switch

How many times you do you switch on-off all the wrong switches to finally land on the right one? Well, several times. At least with me, it does happen. And Mac Funamizu gesture controlled light switch takes care of this human error by means of its technological advancement. You simply need to move your hand in the direction of the light you want to switch on or off, on this touchpad switch panel.

Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B Light Switch

This switch is perfect for operating the exterior lights of the house. Its fully automatic control allows the user to set the latitude and longitude of the location along with the time, to let the lights illuminate and darken at the time of sunset and sunrise respectively. For those who do not prefer complete automation, they can opt for its manual and vacation mode. In manual mode, the switch performs the basic function of ON and OFF. In vacation mode, the lights sometimes go on and sometimes off. Also in vacation mode, the light switches on for 60-90 minutes during sunset. Sleek in design the switch comes with an LCD screen for clear display and a small blue light in the cornet, to depict that the circuit is on. One need not reset its setting after power failure. So its worry-free. I found this video of replacing your ordinary switch panel with Honeywell light switch and thought it will be of immense use to those interested.

iDevices Wall Switch

Sophistication in design is its USP. This Wifi enabled allows scheduling and operation of fans, lights and more across the multiple rooms of your smart home through remote access. It can also be voice-controlled through Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. It works with the Apple Home Kit. With the ease of installation and integration, it is considered as one of the best in the smart switch market.

The above mentioned smart switch options come with diversity in style, appearance and functioning. But there is one thing common to all and that is their smart technological adaptation in their functionality. And the best part of their story is their ease of installation and replacement with older version switching units. Apart from this one can also explore for more such options on our page choose the one which best suits your personalized need