Smart Devices that will keep your Garden Healthy and Beautiful

Gardening industry is on a growth spell owing to the concepts of DIY. Households are now spending considerable money on maintaining a healthy and beautifulgarden. Thus, introduction of smart technology into this field does not come as a surprise. Below, we have listed a few products that will not only make gardening easy, but also interesting.

Smart Garden Sensor

These are smart devices that are usually inserted in the soil of your garden to keep track of soil fertility, temperature, nutrient levels, soil moisture and pH value. The device is connected to an app on your iOS or Android device to analyse these values and provide tips to better take care of your plants. The app provides real-time data as long as the device and app are in range of Wi-Fi. Another impressive feature about the device is that it does not requires batteries and can be powered by solar energy.

Weather Station

This is a more sophisticated sensor that measures the microclimate of your garden. The sensor measures various climatic factors such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, air pressure and noise pollution levels. When connected to an app, the values are analysed by the app and insights provided to maintain a healthy garden.

Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

If you are not sure about when you need to water your plant, this device can come in handy to create a customised watering plan for your garden. The plan is customised as it takes into consideration the various factors such as plant type, weather forecasts and soil conditions.

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Automower is nothing but a robotic lawnmower. Once programmed, it will move around your garden and cut grass as per requirement such as grass height. It will avoid obstacles and create a path for itself with the help of sensors. It is usually battery operated. When linked to an app, you can control start and stop from anywhere. You can also manage mowing schedules and adjust cutting height. While selecting your automower, keep in mind your yard size and the ability of the machine to navigate through angles and slopes of your yard.

Outdoor Smart LED Flood Light Bulb

Similar to indoor smart lights, outdoor smart light bulb offers a range of colour spectrum, mostly to suit the seasons. Unlike usual indoor smart lights, these lights can survive tough conditions such as storm and rain. You can set schedules for lights to turn on and off even if you are not at home. The lights can be controlled from anywhere via apps, whether you need to dim the lights or change the colour.

With the help of above devices, you can be assured that the garden will take care of itself allowing you to be guilt free. So, while you are upgrading your home, look out of your window and don’t forget your garden!