Instant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth-enabled Multifunctional Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel

There are many different pressure cookers on the market at the moment, but the Bluetooth-enabled Instant Pot has become a very popular choice for many. Because of this increase in popularity worldwide, we’ve decided to review this kitchen appliance and determine just what is great about it, what needs improvement, and if it is worth investing in and adding to your own kitchen.

In this article, we will evaluate the Instant Pot in detail. However, to give a quick rundown of this product, here are the main aspects you should know:

  • The Good:The best thing about this electric pressure cooker is the many features it comes with. It is a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a steamer, a yogurt maker, and so much more—pressure cooking has never been easier! To have all these features in one kitchen appliance is incredibly handy. Along with these added features and the perfect cooking time, the appliance makes great food and is easy to use.
  • The Bad:It’s most certainly not the cheapest option on the market. Occasionally, some have a difficult time with the app.
  • The Final Verdict:While it is more expensive than the average electric pressure cooker, the pros far outweigh the cons. Thisonekitchen appliance comes with features to help create great meals while also being Bluetooth enabled, which means you can control the settings and temperature through an app on your phone.


Whether pressure cooking or trying out a different dish, the Instant Pot performs well and, overall, is a great appliance to have when cookinganything. As we mentioned above, this Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a yogurt cooker, a porridge cooker, a food warmer—the list is almost endless. Even with the many features and specialties of this appliance, it is easy to use in all different formats.

The Instant Pot also has high safety measures and features to make it sustainable and safe to use. It is UL and ULC certified to ensure maximum safety. It is also stainless steel, which makes it a very safe and durable product that, with proper care, can last for years to come.

For all intents and purposes, this Instant Pot does what it says it can. Whether it is used as a rice cooker or a slow cooker, as long as the Instant Pot is on the correct setting and temperature, it will easily help create a great dish. Even with all of the different functions and settings, this appliance is very easy to use and very easy to control—via the pot itself or your smartphone through a free app.


One of the main reasons the Instant Pot is aconvenient kitchen appliancehas to do with the Bluetooth-enabled aspect of the product. Because it is Bluetooth enabled, you can control your Instant Pot even when you’re not in the same room. Through the app,which comes with this perfect cooking aid, you can control the heat and temperature, as well as the overall settings, to make sure that the food you are cooking ends up exactly how you want it.

This aspect of this kitchen appliance is, obviously, incredibly convenient to have. Slowly, as more and more kitchen appliances are updated and becoming more Bluetooth-friendly and tech-savvy, cooking is becoming more convenient for everyone because they can control certain aspects of the experience through their phone. The Instant Pot has become a favorite because of this Bluetooth capability.

While the app occasionally doesn’t run as smoothly as it should, and some have complained about the usability of the app, most people love the experience. In fact, the app has gone through a lot of improvements in the last few years as the developers of the Instant Pot work to make it even more convenient for their customers.

How smart is it?

As we mentioned above, when discussing how convenient the Instant Pot is, this kitchen appliance is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can control the product through an app on your phone. Instead of being in the kitchen and changing the settings of the heat or temperature, you can instead do it through your smartphone in another room.

This app also lets you easily set up a schedule for the day. If you have a recipe that has differing temperatures and modes that your Instant Pot is in, you can set this up when you first start cooking—and then leave it until it’s ready!

Though the app does appear to have a few teething problems, the Instant Pot creators have really stepped up the app’s performance to ensure it runs as seamlessly as possible. And with more updates on the cards in the near future, the Instant Pot is one of the very best cooking aids out there for people with hectic lifestyles and hungry kids to feed.

This current Instant Pot also comes withAmazon’s Alexa capabilities, which you can use to set up recipes or control the settings of the device.

Warranty & Support

For support on your Instant Pot appliance, you can go create an account.

This Instant Pot has a warranty of one year after purchase. If the appliance fails or defaults (and is not from the fault of the owner) within this year, then the Instant Pot team can be contacted at the website address above. Simply create an account and contact the Instant Pot service team to help them with your specific situation.

Final Verdict

While this Bluetooth-enabled Instant Pot is more expensive than other pressure cooker appliances, the sheer number of features that this one product has makes it well worth the money and investment. Because of the features and the fact that it is Bluetooth enabled for total convenience, the pros far outweigh the cons.

So, now you can see the kids off to school, throw a few ingredients in a pot and control everything from the comfort of your own sofa to ensure perfect meal after perfect meal… and you don’t have to miss that all-important episode on TV after all!