8 smart ways to Save Water: Current trends in Product Designs

The exponentially growing population seem to be directly proportional to the rapid growth in demand for natural resources (especially water). This correlation has not only caused serious threat to the living conditions in continents all over the world, but has also created a need and urgency to have processes in place to handle the situation at hand and in the long run. More than 1.2 billion people across the globe do not have access to clean drinking water.

While on one hand Governments are busy making policies and stringent rules in the form of heavy taxes and spending crores of money in establishing processes (like desalination of sea water, rain water harvesting, water imports etc), these teeny-weeny Innovators/Researchers are trying out their hands on smart devices that not just bring down our water taxes significantly, but are also easily installable! Now this is news and something that would soon make them favourite among the masses.

The sooner we realize the better it is that water-saving is a headache not just for the Government but also a responsibility that lies within every citizen to do his/her bit in saving the next generation.

Let us take a look at the current trends in product designs that these innovators are coming up with.

Tap-n-Flush– A dual flush converter which can give a value for every dollar spent. It’s amazing technology and ease of use will surprise us. It is a hardware to be installed and no electrical connections involved. So no need to worry about the shocks. It comes with a battery that will last for 3 years
I find it a super cool water-saving appliance of the 21st century.Let us assume that on an average there are 6 toilet visits/day, and for every visit 2.5 gallons of water is used in the flush which is 15 gallons/day and around 5500 gallons per year. However, with the use of Tap-n-Flush we cut down our water usage by half which means from 2.5 GPF (Gallons per flush) to 1.25 GPF we can save close to 3000 gallons of water in a year which is around 10k liters!The best thing about this product is that one can adjust the water flow easily.See how it works!

Smart Faucet Aerator– They say normal water faucets come with around 2.2 GPM (Gallons per minute). However the new smart faucet can come up to 1.5 GPM or even less. Isn’t that a wonderful idea in itself? Now one can use only as much water as is required without compromising on the performance.
Check out this videoon how to replace your old faucet with the improved version. This DIY video will inspire you to help your neighbors to fix it too.

Niagara Conservation’s water-saving kit– Tired of buying and exploring products online and yet not satisfied with anything? Looking for better, easier, cost effective version? Then this one is for you. It’s a complete package which contains not just 1 or 2 or 3 articles but full 7 which will be like having your own leak-repair center at home. Next time you plan to call a plumber to fix your leaking faucet or toilet sink, remember to check this product. It may save you lots of money both from plumber and from taxes. This useful kit contains a Toilet Tank bank which can help you control your water usage for each flush.Read more here>>
Learn how to install a Toilet tank bank all by yourself

Smart Shower– Want to control the flow of water while soaping yourself? Switch to smart shower heads. These are not just water saving or energy saving devices but also an opportunity for generations to come. There is a lot of research involved in designing these products and are definitely worth every penny we spend.
For instanceEva dropcontrols the flow of water based on sensors. Some showers even convert water into air bubbles. Meaning not just water saving, it ensures a whole new bathing experience as well. A perfect example of hitting two birds with one stone.Check out this range of cool gadgets that are designed in a manner to suit everyone’s unique needs

Eco urinals– While writing about the various smart gadgets I could not afford to miss mentioning this creative way of saving water especially in public toilets. Ever heard of eco-urinals? Seen anything like this before? At least I haven’t.
This wonderful invention was made to utilize the water used in the sink for washing hands after urination to flush the urinal. This reduces the water usage by half for every visit to the washroom.

i-Save Faucet– This award winning gadget by Reamon Yu is not behind. It uses turbine that runs on the pressure of water to measure the amount of water used, which means no extra amount spent on running the device. Worth a try for every household. It keeps a check on the water usage and enables individuals to save at his own level. Check out some more below:
Of the many innovative smart products designed these days to save water, a few have already done wonders. Not to miss our smart washing machines which reuse water depending upon the options we choose.

Pedal controlled Faucetis another interesting design worth mentioning and a masterpiece in itself.Most useful when you are brushing, or washing your face using both your hands or even while washing your soiled vessels in the sink. What a thoughtful innovation I must say!!

Water leak detectoris a wonderful piece of innovation when it comes to water-saving. Gallons of water gets wasted each day in every household due to some or the other leaks. These smart leak detectors are a perfect choice to control such events at home. They also prevent accidents especially when you have old parents or kids at home.

Technology can be best exploited during shortage of resources, be it natural or artificial. Thanks to these Innovators, Researchers, Educational Institutions and Government agencies which are leaving no stone unturned to utilize the full potential of these technological advancements in developing smarter products which not only solve the current resource shortage problems but are also focusing on ways to avoid these threats altogether in the long run.

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