Introducing Roku: The new member in a smart home

Unlike the existing market champions and longtime players, Roku has emphasized and worked on its software ( and not hardware) as its USP. It has come up withRoku Entertainment Assistant ( it’s voice assistant) and Roku Connect ( a new connectivity platform) to mark its space in the smart home entertainment segment.

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With the vision to provide a whole new entertainment experience to the people, it plans to come up with a whole new home entertainment licensing program that will enable the OEM brands to build :

  • Roku TV powered by the Roku OS.
  • Smart Soundbar to enhance the TV audio experience. Although it can be synced with any TV which has an HDMI ARC, if connected to a Roku TV it will deliver many refined and superior results and features. It also needs to be powered by the Roku OS and should be inclusive of Roku Connect and Roku Entertainment Assistant.
  • Smart Speaker – Roku OS, Roku Connect and Roku entertainment powered stand-alone speaker for a multi-room experience.
  • Roku Connect –Roku Connect devices identified by a Roku Connect logo are to be wirelessly connected toRoku OS powered devices and other Roku Connect devices.

Roku Entertainment Assistantis optimized support for home entertainment. This software will enable consumers to make use of voice commands for entertainment on voice-supported Roku devices. For example, customers will be able to say, “Hey Roku, play metal in the lobby room” and a smart soundbar with Roku Connect will begin playing even if the TV is turned off.

This whole new Roku ecosystem has been designed to establish a new era of home entertainment which will be much simpler, affordable, holistic and more enjoyable. Roku home entertainment licensing program is appealing for OEM brands as they can build smart devices for home entertainment. This is, in fact, a very fruitful move y Roku as it will be advantageous for both OEM brand and consumers as well. And Roku can avail its benefit from its active accounts via content and advertising on its platform. Roku has worked inside out to come up as the single hand audio and video controller of the home entertainment system.

It seems the consumers won’t have to wait too long to get hold of these Roku empowered products because TCL, the company that manufactures Roku Smart TVs, will very soon come up with its first device under this program.

Roku has revealed that it expects to roll out the devices running under its Roku OS by fall of 2018. So not far away are the days when “hey amigo” will be transcripted as “Hey Roku” ( as the buzzword).