Product Review: Ring Wi-Fi enabled Doorbell

RingWi-Fi enabled Doorbell is a smart doorbell that lets you monitor your home through your smart phone or tablet. Traditionally, we have seen many security cameras and doorbells as separate devices in the market. But, ring is a unique combination of both. The device records video when it detects motion. It also, sends an alert to your phone or smart tablet so you’ll know when you have a visitor even before they go for the doorbell.

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Concept and Design

The Ring has a smart design measuring 12.65 x 6.17 x 2.21cm with a compact look. It is weatherproof and can handle decent amount of rain and storm.

Video recording set includes a 720p camera which is decent given the fact that it will mostly be recording up close of the person at the door. The lens is wide angle with 180 degrees horizontal and 140 degrees vertical field of view. It also includes IR LEDs to enable night vision recording. The set allows two way communication so that you can interact with the person at the door.

Doorbell sound is transmitted to smart phone or tablet using Wi-Fi signal. Alternatively, you can install a chime or use your existing doorbell chime for the sound.

The Ring App needs a one-time set up via its built-in Wi-Fi signal. It also requires a signup using email address and password. The app is easy to use and automatically adds all required devices to your network. The Ring’s cloud video recording service also needs to be linked to the app if you need to replay recorded video clips. Other important function of the app is to show notifications when someone rings the doorbell or when motion is detected. It also helps to talk back to the visitor whether you are at home or away.


The ring is designed such that it can replace your existing doorbell while still making use of the existing wiring so that it can work on the regular power supply. If existing wiring doesn’t exist, it also has an option of functioning on rechargeable battery which may need to be charged once a month via micro USB.

Along with the device, you also get selection of tools and accessories for mounting the smart doorbell. So, all you will need is a drilling machine and you are ready to mount the device even by yourself.

The Good

  • Smart design
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy set up
  • Good quality video with IR LEDs for night vision
  • Unfailing motion detection

The Bad

  • Only one month of free video recording
  • Due to its doorbell feature (it needs to be mounted at a decent reachable height) and owing to its easy set up using screws, makes it easy to steal or tamper compared to high mounted security cameras.
  • Relies on home Wi-Fi for optimum performance


If you are looking to boost your home security, Ring Wi-fi enabled doorbell provides a one stop integrated solution for you. Its reliability however, depends on your Wi-Fi signal and smartphone’s speed to ensure there are no lags and delays. So, as long as these factors are taken care off, it’s a thumbs up for Ring Wi-Fi enabled doorbell. Visit their websitehere.