VC3000 – Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There are many fantastic robotic vacuums out there these days. But, for every good robot vacuum cleaner, there is a bad one. Among the many different vacuum products being currently talked about, the VC3000 Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is right up there and has made a great name for itself. But just how good is it at cleaning? Does it get the job done and does it have a HEPA filter? Does it have a cleaning schedule and a docking station? Is it easy to use? In this article, we will detail the pros and cons of the Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum cleaner.

Before we get down to the details, here is the basic information you should know:

  • The Good:At an incredibly low price (for robotic vacuums, that is), this vacuum is incredibly easy to use and gets the cleaning job done well—it is the ideal modern-day cleaning tool.
  • The Bad:Though the vacuum has great suction power during automatic cleaning, it is actually incredibly noisy and, therefore, may not be great to run at night or if you need your house to be quiet. However, it does come with a mute mode. It also isn’t quite as “smart” some of the newer vacuums on the market.
  • The Final Verdict:With the cheap price tag and overall high performance, this robotic vacuum cleaner is great for those who want an efficient cleaner at a lower price (even if it does come with a few faults).


With the Aztech Vacuum Cleaner, your cleaning duties have never been easier. Its suction power makes light work of dirt, dust, debris, and allergens—so say goodbye to dirty carpets and other floor types and enjoy more quality time to yourself. Through the remote control that comes with the device,or by just pressing the buttons on the device itself, you can direct just where you would like your robotic vacuum cleaner to clean. If you would like the Aztech Vacuum Cleaner to only clean during a certain time of day each day or each week, you can even schedule it so that it automatically does this. Once you set it, you never have to direct it to clean again. It’ll just do it automatically once the schedule is set.

This robot vacuum cleaner also works on almost all types of floors. So, whether you have carpet, tile, or wood (or maybe all three and then some more), this vacuum cleaner should be able to clean all areas of your house efficiently, no matter which floor surface you have—from wood tiles to carpets this cleaningautomation equipmentwill get the job done. Some vacuums don’t have this capability or don’t work quite well on certain floorings, so this is a huge plus for the Aztech Vacuum Cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner can also sweep and mop tile or wood flooring when needed, as well as sterilize the whole vicinity. Again, there are a lot of vacuum cleaners that don’t do this, so this is another major plus for the Aztech Vacuum Cleaner.


Obviously, having a robotic vacuum cleaner is so convenient. For those who lead incredibly busy lifestyles and have little time for cleaning duties, but still want their house to be nice and tidy without a trace of dirt, a robotic vacuum could really bring positive results to your life. Even for those who don’t lead hectic lifestyles can benefit from robotic vacuums, as they help eliminate one chore of the day that you no longer have to do.

The Aztech Vacuum Cleaner is more convenient and efficient when you set it up with a schedule. If you want your house vacuumed every day or every other day, you can just set up a schedule for it to go around at the same time every day and clean. This is really fantastic for those who have pets and are looking for a simple way to help with the shedding of hair or just overall cleanliness problems.

How smart is it?

One of the really big faults the Aztech Vacuum Cleaner has is it isn’t really as “smart” as it could be. On the market, there are currently tons of robotic vacuum cleaners that can be controlled through an app on your phone or through smart platforms such asAmazon’s Alexaor Google Home. The Aztech Vacuum Cleaner doesn’t come with these capabilities, which is a huge blow to the overall quite nice robotic vacuum.

While this vacuum cleaner does come with a remote control (you can also control it through the buttons on the actual vacuum), it’s “tech-savviness” really can’t compare to some of the others on the market. However, it should be noted that other vacuums on the market that come with this smart platform capabilities are also much more expensive than this vacuum (sometimes even double in price).

This robotic vacuum performs and works so well, it’s really a shame that it isn’t as smart enabled or tech savvy as other robotic vacuums are. Hopefully, with more advancement and technological innovation, Aztech will update this model and make it more smartphone-enabled, and, therefore, easier to use and control even when you’re not at home.

Warranty & Support

TheVC3000 Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleanercomes with a 1-year warranty. If there is an issue with the vacuum cleaner before the 1-year date of purchase (and from an issue not stemming from the owner), then the owner can contact the Aztech company and notify them of their warranty and of the issue they have with their device.

For support and customer service help, owners can go to and find the best way to contact an Aztech office closest to them.

Final Verdict

While there are a lot of other smart robotic vacuums currently on the market that do a lot more than the limited tech aspects that this Aztech vacuum cleaner has, this is still a worthy product to invest in. Because of its lower price, it’s much more affordable than these more advanced options.

Plus, you’re going to obviously want a robotic vacuum that works. The Aztech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner does, regardless of what type of flooring you have. Because of the price and overall high-performance rate, this is a great robotic vacuum to have for those who are new to using robotic vacuums and for those who are just looking for a simple robotic vacuum to help them keep their house clean. If you are looking for a smart, high-tech robotic vacuum, you may want to find a more advanced vacuum than this specific product.