Best Smart Home Door Lock: The Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

Protect your home with a smart-home lock. Like withkeyless door locks, they offer extra security with spring-bolt and deadbolt reinforcements technology and make it more difficult than ever for intruders to unlock the door. Consumer Reports have tested many deadbolt locks. Many lack the kind of protection people want and have come to expect from a leading brand.

An assault from a cordless drill or some well-placed kicks is often all that is needed to unlock your door with traditional deadbolt locks over those that operate via a smartphone and a mobile app. While it is true a determined thief will likely find a way to enter a home, theright smart-home door lockgives the residence a fighting chance.

A keypad operated lock is convenient. It allows the homeowner to create access codes that will enable entry to contractors and guests. They can be removed when no longer needed. It is not necessary to call a locksmith or change the lock. A smartphone can be used to create or remove electronic keys.

5.Yale Assure Lock SL

Let’s start with the Pros. This smart-home door lock is beautifully designed. The Yale Assure Lock SL has voice-assisted programming.

It is a striking keyless touchscreen deadbolt that can be remotely controlled. The lock has no dedicated app.

For remote operation, a Z-wave controller is required.This lockis the latest touchscreen deadbolt from Yale.

It becomes anintegral part of a smart home. The low profile, stylish design, and reliable hardware make it a solid, smart home security choice.

The keypad of the of the touchscreen deadbolt is the same Yale has used for several years. It has been updated with a frame that is slimmer than the original. The chunky, useless bottom half has been removed. The interior housing is a bit bulky. It contains a network module, four AA batteries, and a thumb latch.

4.Schlage Sense

The best features of the Schlage Sense smart-home door lock are the easy installation, a nicely designed app, Siri voice control, and built-in tamper alarm.

The device allows iPhone use to lock and unlock doors, set up access schedules, and program access codes.

The smart-home door locks work with iOS devices. Apple TV remote control is required. This lock is oneConsumer Reports’recommendations.

It is resistant to kick-in testing. The lock stood up to drill assaults. Features that were pointed out in the CR review were:

The deadbolt works well within the Apple smart-home framework. It offers an intuitive, simple app that makes managing user codes easy. The voice-activated Siri controls work like a charm. If you have Apple TV or are committed to the HomeKit smart-home setup, this lock is highly recommended.

3.Schlage Century

Schlage offers other quality smart-home door locks. The Schlage Century is a little cheaper and received slightly better ratings on Amazon from customers who purchased the device.

Its best features include both keyed and keyless entry, easy installation and programming, and an audible tamper alarm. The Schlage Century model is a stylish electronic lock that has Z-wave capabilities.

A third-party controller is required forremote Z-wave access. If you are searching for a smart lock solution to add to your home, this door lock is an excellent option. Reliance entirely on four AA batteries.

The sleek single bolt lock has a touchscreen keypad that allows opening and closing a door without keys. There is a keypad cylinder for backup. The price of this smart-home door lock is not out of line when compared toother smart locks

2.August Smart Lock Pro +

The sleek design, IFTTT support and geofencing, voice activation, and easy installation are some of the features that put the August Smart Lock Pro + high on this list.

The HomeKit enabled lock keeps tabs on who enters and leaves a home with the use of a smartphone. Activity at the doorstep is tracked round the clock.

The smart-home door lock offers the latest technologies and can trigger other devices. An additional component is required to control the lock remotely. This device works withAlexa voice control.

Controlling and monitoring can be done from anywhere. The Door-Sense feature tells if the door is closed and locked. You keep the existing lock and keys. The smart-home door lock attaches to an existing deadbolt. The keys to the lock can be used any time.

1.Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Research has placed yet another Schlage smart-home door lock on this list. The Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt is a stylish door lock.

It has a variety of high-tech features.The deviceis among the most functional locks on the market. It is a feature-rich, high-quality product.

Full advantage of the home automation features requires purchasing a Nexia Bridge. Usage involves a monthly fee of $9.99. This smart-home door lock is a subtle way to upgrade a home.


It makes life easier and smartens the deadbolt. The key can remain in your pocket as you gain entry by using a keypad code. The door automatically locks when you are inside. The built-in sounds if someone tries to tamper with the lock or break in. It alerts you of the issue and hopefully scares off any would-be intruders.

Smart-home locks do more than lock the doors. They offer smart features such asgeofencing, access logs, voice controls, and remote control. A bridge or Wi-Fi hub is needed to transmit signals from a wireless router to the lock.

Some models replace existing deadbolts. Others convert deadbolts to smart locks. The smart features like access to logs and remote control add to the consumer’s peace of mind. There is no denying that smart locks are more expensive than deadbolts.

Before dismissing the idea, consider the convenience offered. If you have forgotten to lock a door or have to allow cleaners or contractors into your home, you can solve the problem with remote features that lock and unlock a door. Traditional deadbolts do not offer the features that smart-home door locks do.