Gosh! EasyFeed Smart Pet Feeder – Product Review

Have you ever wonderedwhy you need an automatic pet feeder?

Give your precious pet the attention they need with theEasyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder by Gosh!.This handy device is a modern and sleek smart feeding solution for your furry friend that is one of its kind available in the market today. The Gosh! EasyFeed is a WiFi connected pet feeder armed with a built-in camera and a speaker so you can see and speak to your cat or dog while you are at work. It automatically delivers a portioned amount of food at set intervals and accurately tracks your pet’s nutrition based on what it’s eating. It also keeps your pet well-hydrated with its unique water dispenser.


The Gosh! EasyFeed is simple in design and uses a hopper-style feeder. It can hold up to 20 cups or 2.5kg of dry food depending on the size of the kibble. You can use any dry pet food recommending kibble sizes of 0.4 inches or smaller. The water dispenser on the right can hold up to 0.8 litres of water. At present, the dispenser is not automated, when the water jug is full and is loaded correctly over the water tray, the valve dispenses water until the water tray is full. The hopper, trays and water jug can easily be lifted out for cleaning and maintenance. Coloured LED indicators in the front indicates power, connection status and specifies how much food is available in the hopper and food tray.

The EasyFeed runs on power from the included wall adapter but as a precaution in-case the power goes out while you are away back-up batteries are provided that can last up to five days on a 10 feed-per-day schedule.

Setup and Scheduling

You can easily get started by setting up a free account through the app, pressing the Wifi button on the side of the EasyFeed and following simple instructions in the app to connect the feeder to your home network. The intuitive app enables you to set scheduled feeds to dispense dry foods in the amounts and at the times you wish. EasyFeed demonstrated high reliability in dispensing food as set by your schedule. You can also trigger manual feedings from your phone whenever you want, whether it’s a full-meal or just few pieces of kibbles as a treat. The app also enables you to easily enter details about your pet and type of food used to precisely track your pet’s calorie consumption and needs with daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Built-In Camera

EasyFeed is equipped with 720p camera, mic and speaker so that you can interact with your beloved pet from the convenience of your workplace. You can even use a pre-recorded sound to call your pet over to dinner or you can also call them in real-time.

Warranty and Support

The Gosh! EasyFeed comes with a limited 12-month warranty. You may register your warrantyhere.

How Smart Is It?

Gosh! EasyFeed is definitely a smart feeding solution that enables you to feed your pet remotely at specified schedules based on weight. The feeding app that provides your pet’s complete feeding history can be accessed anywhere using your smartphone. The information provided by the app helps you to monitor your dog’s health and weight at periodic intervals. As an add-on feature, the in-built camera, mic and speaker makes interaction with your pet enjoyable from the convenience of your workplace.

Also, you may never have to worry about running short of your pet-food. EasyFeed can automatically place order in Amazon as and when you need additional quantities of your pet-food.

The Good

  • Sleek design yet sturdy. Can withstand knock-over by pets
  • Highly reliable in dispensing food in the amounts and at the times you wish
  • Easy interaction with pet using camera, mic and speaker
  • Can automatically place order in Amazon for replenishing pet food

The Bad

  • Hopper-style feeder hence can be used for dispensing only dry food
  • No night-vision for camera hence pets cannot be monitored during night-feedings
  • Water dispenser not automated

The Verdict

For $314, this unique feeding solution makes feeding your pet so convenient whether you are at home or not. By reliably dispensing food and water, the feeder ensures your pet stays healthy and hydrated at all times. It even enables you to watch over your pet and interact via the built-in camera, mic and speaker. If you are a true pet lover, thisgadgetis a must-have in your household.