Top 5 Smartphone Running Apps you shouldn’t miss

If running or cycling is your passion, there is a good chance that you are already using a running App. Today, there are a lot of Apps available for this purpose, and they offer different features. Here we look at some of the popular Apps meant for running. Common to all of these is that they are available on both Android and iOS platforms. Also, they offer some basic features free, and more advanced ones on subscription.

1. Strava Tracker

Nearly everyone who talks about a running App mentions the Strava tracker. It uses GPS tracking and works with over 50 different wearable devices. Besides the usual route and timings Strava can download heart rate and similar metrics from compatible devices. One important feature of Strava is the social element it brings in. You can share your route and activities using different social media. It also shows how you measure up against others on the same route as yours using leader boards. Beacon, a safety option is available to premium subscribers, using which specified contacts can monitor your location. Strava comes across as being a bit expensive compared to other Apps, but it has many usable features that makes it immensely popular.

2. Runkeeper

Another very popular running App is Runkeeper. The App uses the phone’s GPS to track your running distance. It also measures the exercise time and calories burnt. Using Runkeeper you can set your training goals and track your progress using different metrics. The premium version has a goal coach that helps you set realistic goals, and also provides motivation using audio clues. It is compatible with wearables such as Android Wear devices and Apple watches, in addition to some other devices. Runkeeper is integrated with Apple iTunes and Spotify, and the music will keep you entertained as you run along.

3. Runtastic

Like other running Apps, Runtastic relies on GPS tracking to monitor your exercise time, speed and distance. It is one of the more feature rich Apps available, supporting live tracking, goals and voice coaching. You can configure the dashboard to show detailed graphs of your progress. A unique feature of Runtastic is the unique Story Running feature. Stories of about 35 minute duration can be purchased and downloaded. These can then be played like an audiobook while running. The 35 minute duration roughly matches a recommended workout period. Runtastic is designed to work with Android Wear and Apple Watch.

4. Nike + Run Club

Remember the Nike + iPod from years ago? That App has undergone several iteration and changes to get here. Nike + Run Club is more of an all round running App, with social networking and music playing capabilities. The App measures the distance run and your pace. It will display statistics such as whether the current run was your longest, and your mile splits. Nike + Run Club includes motivational features such as audio advice from Nike coaches and end of run cheers. The App can create a customized map of your run overlaid with your statistics for sharing on social media. Overall this is a very good App for both beginners and experienced runners.

5. Endomondo Running and Walking

Another GPS enabled tracking App, Endomondo is good for tracking any distance based activity. It will show your time, distance, speed and calories burned. You will get audio feedback on speed and distance after every mile. Endomondo will also help extend your targets. Once your goals are set based on time, distance or calories, it will give you reminders and coaching advice to help reach that goal. Endomondo can connect with various monitors and fitness accounts and give a comprehensive view of your workouts. The data collected is stored with your profile on their website and can be analyzed there. You can share workout results with your friends using the popular social media accounts.


Walking, running, cycling can be both good for your health and fun. With so many Apps available, the right one may just make it a little bit better, and provide the encouragement needed to go that extra mile.