LH300 RFID Card Access Review

As with many access control systems, theLH300 RFIDReader is an easy way to upgrade a standard door lock to make it higher tech and add additional levels of security. There are a lot of integrated features that make this lock worth a closer look. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking about upgrading to the LH300 RFID Card Access lock.

The Good:The LH300 RFID Card Access lock comes with a lot of useful features andinstalls easily into any home, apartment building, dormitory, or office. Not only can you set a pin code to unlock it, it also works withRFID keysand can support up to 50 at once. It’s a great security solution for everything from single-family homes to medium-sized businesses.

The Bad:RFID technology access control systems are great but whether or not touch keys are included depends on where you buy it. Make sure you buy them separately if needed. It also runs on standard AA batteries that will need to be replaced occasionally over the life of the lock.

Bottom-Line:This product is currentlySGD280.00 at Lazadaand has a lot of good user reviews. There might be a few minor inconveniences but, overall, this product’s features make it a great choice for any home, apartment, or office. If you’re looking for a high-tech lock, this one is worth learning about a little more.


The LH300 RFID Card Reader Access lock can provide access via a pin code or using RFID touch keys. In fact, it can store up to 50 different RFIDs which makes this a good option for businesses orapartment buildingswhere a large number of people require controlled access. It also allows you to set one pin code that ranges from 3 to 19 digits.

As with many RFID systems, there are a lot of convenient features, too, including a simple open and close button that allows you to open the lock manually in case of an emergency when an evacuation is needed. There’s both an internal and external dual locking function, which means that you can lock it from the inside or outside and it can only be unlocked from that side.This would be applicableto something like an apartment building with a curfew. The door can be locked from the inside at a certain time and anyone arriving after that time would not be able to enter, even with the right pin codes,RFID tags, or RFID key fobs.

It also has a locking error alert that sounds when the door isn’t properly locked so that the problem can be quickly addressed. Plus, the volume of this and all other tones are completely adjustable.

This lock can be set to lock automatically after the door closes and even adjust the time anywhere from two to nine seconds. There’s also a one-minute lockout after the wrong pin code is entered five times.

For additional security, it also provides intrusion and prank prevention. If the anyone ever tries to open the lock using force, an alarm sounds for a full minute.

There’s a fire safety feature, too. When the indoor part of the lock senses fire, itautomatically opensthe lock so that people can evacuate without issue.


This product is powered by four AA batteries. It also has an emergency supply function that works by attaching a 9V battery to the metal surface nodes to power it up when the AAs are out of juice. These batteries are not included. This is convenient because it makes installation easy; however, there is no long-term battery supply that will last the life of the lock.

Installing a high-tech lock into an already existing home can be complicated but with the Loghome Digital Door Lock LH-300, it’s pretty simple. It can be used in conjunction with the deadbolts that already exist or can replace them altogether. It’s also really convenient because it’s compatible with a range of different kinds of doors.

Some of these locks come with touch keys included, some do not. Either way, if you want to expand beyond just a few, you’ll have to order additional one separately, which makes sense. As we mentioned, these locks can work with up to 50 RFID keys and there’s no real reason for that many to be included in the package.

How Smart Is It?

This lock is definitely smarter than a standard door lock. It has automatic locking features, smart fire safety, and security lockouts. Plus, it can support up to 50 RFID keys which are ideal for apartments, dorms, or even small to medium-sized businesses.

It’s powered by standard batteries, which have their up and downsides. Mostsmart devices, on the other hand, run on internal rechargeable batteries. While this would be a great feature for this lock because it’s permanently attached to a door, plugging it into a charger just isn’t feasible.

It’s fair to call this a smart lock since it is so much more than a lock. However, customers might be inclined to think that a smart lock would incorporate something higher tech, likefaceor voice recognition or even a fingerprint pad. This lock doesn’t have these features.

Still, when compared to a standard lock, this is a smart upgrade. It does things that a regular lock just doesn’t do without having too many high-tech bells and whistles.

Warranty & Support

TheLoghome Digital Door Lock LH-300comes with a 2-year full on-site warranty. They help customers with installation and troubleshooting and provide technical advice when needed. In fact, they provide technical support over the lifetime of the product with technical assurance and a 24/7 technical support hotline.


For anyone looking for an affordable, high-tech lock that allows easy access to a lot of people, the LH300 RFID Card Access lock fits the bill. It supports up to 50 RFID keys and has a lot of features that add to the safety and security of any building, from single family homes to dormitories.