Remote Control Blinds: Top 5 Really Smart Blinds & Motorized Window Shades for 2018

It used to be that in order to have a smart home that you could tell what to do, from changing the temperature in your living room to messing with your blinds with a button, you had to spend big bucks.

Thankfully, having a smart home has become cheaper and more available to everyone. Smart blinds are the next big step in creating an easy-to-usesmart homeand ensuring the perfect window treatments.

Want to know the benefits ofsmart blindsand motorized shades? Want to know the best brands for motorized blinds and shades this year? Keep reading!

The 3 Biggest Positives of Smart Blinds & Motorized Shades in Your Home

1. Convenience and Customization

Convenience is the biggest and most popular reason people are switching out their old, boring blinds to optimized and motorized smart blinds as window coverings. You can change the settings for your shades or blinds from your electronic devices while sitting on the couch. There’s no bigger hassle with blinds than using those pesky cords.

Some of these awesome smart motorized blinds let you control them through voice commands. This is even more so convenient for those with mobile disabilities.

Smart blinds also give you the ability to set your personal preferences. You can set how much light you want to lighten your room or what little light you want coming through. Many offer you the ability to create a daily schedule on the settings of your window blinds.

2. Energy Savings

Smart blinds and motorized shades are fantastic for saving energy and are the green solution you’re looking for: for your windows! Since they cut down on the energy you’re using, they save you some money too.

Not only are many smart blinds solar powered, they also save energy as during the day they offer you natural light in your rooms. This means you’re less likely to use lights in your home.

There are smart blinds on the market that can sense the outside temp and what the weather’s like. They use this information to decide how the shade modes can help you obtain the perfect temp in your home.

3. Your Privacy

Smart blinds can give you the privacy you need or the view outside that you want. They give you the ability to set the scene how you want it at ease and without fighting with cords.

Do you want to see what the kids are doing in the yard? Open up your blinds with an app on your cell phone from across the room. If you want a view of your yard but still want some privacy, there’s a setting for that. You get to decide who can see what!

Top 5 Really Awesome, Really Smart Blinds & Motorized Shades

MySmartBlinds Automation Kit

  • This kit isn’t an actual blind or shade set. MySmartBlinds has found a way to turn the blinds you already have in your home into smart blinds! All you have to do is attach the solar-powered MySmartBlinds strips to your blinds. Clips are included.
  • This automation kit works for 2 to 2.5-inch horizontal corded blinds.
  • You can run your blinds with theMySmartBlinds app. This app can tell you if your battery is running low or if your strips are low on solar powered energy.
  • The onboard memory motor can store your preferences. You can set daily or weekly schedules that will automate your blinds even if you aren’t in range to control them.
  • It has built-in temperature sensors so the strips can control the temperature and/or lighting. You can set it to your preferred temps (high and low). Your blinds can adjust if the temp drops or rises from your choices.
  • If you purchase the MySmartBlinds Bridge, you can connect toAlexaor Google. This gives you the ability to use voice commands to control your blinds.

MySmartBlinds Automated Blinds

  • MySmartBlinds also offers actual automated blinds! They’re also solar powered.
  • These blinds can be controlled by an app on your cell phone. You can also use this app to set your preferences for certain times of the day and even create a schedule for your blinds. The best part of the app? You can even set your blinds on “Energy Saving Mode.”

Springblinds Blackout Motorized Roller Shade

  • The Springblinds Motorized Roller Shades are blackout shades meaning they’re great for sleep. They completely block out any light from escaping into your room. If you want to sleep in or you work nights you don’t have to worry about the sun sneaking its way into your sleep!
  • These shades are also 100% polyester and come in a variety of colors.
  • These have a 9V built-in tubular battery motor and come with a remote control to adjust your shades how you want them. The 9V battery lasts 6 to 8 months.
  • The shades are super easy to install in your windows. They screw and snap into your window brackets.

Link Blackout Shades

  • The Link Blackout Shades are Wi-Fi controlled smart shades that don’t need a hub for control!
  • You can control these shades by the Link Shades app. You can use the app to make schedules and set your preferences for the shades by using days and times.
  • These shades are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, making them available to be controlled by voice commands.
  • A remote control box is included if you choose not to use your cell phone or voice command to move your shades up and down.

GoDear Zebra Design Motorized Shades

  • The Godear Zebra Motorized Shades are a double layer fabric design shades that are light filtering. They also have a 99.2% UV blocking rate.
  • These shades are motorized and come with a remote control to operate them.
  • You can choose the “full shading” choice, which will block light from coming in so you can sleep. If you choose the “half shading” choice, you can make the light in your room softer by letting light come through.


Smart blindswill make your life easier and your blinds run smoother. This is all with an app you can control on your phone and tablet. Better yet, you can use your voice to set the mode of your shades.

If saving energy and saving money are your game, smart blinds and motorized shades are on your team!