Introducing The New World Of Robotics To Kids

“When the robot mind is mastered, undisciplined thinking ceases and is replaced by awareness.

Awareness can know love.”

-Barry Long

Introducing our kids of smart tech generation into robotics or robots is an innovative way of allowing the kids to learn the minuscule lessons of technology on their own. During our time, few terminator movies were all we had to acquaint our minds with robotics; but today the scenario is completely different. Companies have come up with robotic toys which are a great source of education and learning with fun involved.

Here are some of the best toy robots for our kids, to make them smarter:

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Winner of the “Best Toy Award,” Wonder workshop dash robot is a splashy coloured robot. It is devoid of any hassle of building or programming the robot. It’s responsive to your voice and is active to roam about in the kid’s room from the moment it is unpacked. It can comprehend multiple commands and is a great gaming partner. Kids love to play hot potato game with it. Program it to play and behave like kids –follow a racetrack, make noises, joust or play all kinds of other games,dance and light up.It can easily be programmed through Apple, Androidor Kindle Fire apps. Dash keeps your kids motivated and engaged for endless hours.

BB-8 Star Wars robot

If your kid is a Star Wars fan and you are a fan of trending tech toys, then both of you can’t say no to this lifelike BB-8 smart droid. Its a perfect choice for your kid and you too. This companion of your friend can recognize the voices, brim with life and roll around the room on command. Also one can control this robotic gadget with the smartphone application. This Star War robot loves to explore its surrounding at the rolling speed of 4.5 mph. It comes with a built-in camera. With this robot by their side, kids can easily record holographic messages to be viewed in augmented reality. It can easily roll over carpets or wet surfaces and also it is able to adapt itself to its surrounding.

Anki Cozmo

Cozmo is a cute little robot friend of your kid. Also, it is wacky, turbulent and adorable, just like your own kid. Cozmo also grabs all the love and attention with its humour and charm. Artificial intelligence equipped Cozmo can express multiple emotions from being angry to amuse. It can also recognize the faces of people, their names, and personalities. Like a best friend, Cozmo is always there to cheer your kid’s mood up when your little champ feels low or distracted or bored. Cozmo loves to play games. It comes with Power Cubes for playing entertaining games like Quick Tap and Keepaway.

Wow Wee Miposaur

If your kid is a dinosaur lover, this Miposaur robot is for him. This interactive dinosaur can easily be controlled by kids by use of Smartphone app or its TrackBall. Miposaur is trained to follow its ball, which is actually a Mobile Inverted Pendulum crafted by the UCSD Coordinated Robotics Lab. One only needs to activate the TrackBall to get attract Miposaur’s attention the session begins. It also follows the hand gestures once it comes in active mode. He will mesmerize you with its dance and then chase or manoeuvre around obstacles. It can easily be controlled via a smartphone or tablet app. If your kid wishes, they can reward the robot on behaving properly.

Makeblock mBot kit with additional packs

If your kid is keen on exploring the world of robotics, then you should opt for the mBot Robot. It is a beginning level robotics educational kit to introduce the kids to STEM fundamentals of robotics, programming, and electronics. The main robot is a small vehicle with just two wheels and a cute face with a cute smile. The robot is controlled with an app. With this gaming partner, your kid has so many games to play with like, balloon bursting, soccer, sumo – each with fun programming objectives. It’s fully customizable.

Wow! so many smart tech robots to accompany your super-smart kids in the fun learning session. So now, it is time to make a wise choice of benefitting your kids with the trending technological advancements in the form of robots. Stay tuned to thekid’s tech roomsection to explore more fun learning technologically driven options for your children.