August 24, 2018

Dalen EyeCare Smart LED Lights Review

Dalen EyeCare Smart LED Lights

Believe it or not, like an LED desk lamp, the right overhead lights can also go a long way in making your home feel even more welcoming with improved ambient light and reduced eye fatigue over standard light bulbs. The Dalen EyeCare Smart LED Light has a lot of impressive features. If you’re considering this light for your home, here’s a comprehensive review to help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

The Good: High-quality materials and construction make this a really durable option and it was designed to be safe for the eyes. There are also multiple lighting options that add a lot of versatility to adjust your home lighting in order to fit many occasions.

The Bad: Remote control is necessary to use some of the best features so, if you lose it, you also lose the convenience and will have to rely on the wall switch to make any changes. This does not allow for the fine tuning that the remote does. This isn’t a deal breaker, but an inconvenience, especially when this light is used in the bedroom and adjustments cannot be made from the comfort of a warm bed.

Bottom-Line: Overall, the features of Dalen EyeCare Smart LED light are pretty advanced and ahead of their time. If you want a light that can do more than just turn on with a switch, this might be the one for you



One unique feature of this light is that it has many different brightness settings, including invigorating bright light, bright cool white, and welcoming warm yellow light. In addition, it also has a night mode and a sleep mode. These provide a warm yet dim ambiance that’s perfect for sleeping. This is an exceptionally useful setting for children and infants who may not like complete darkness at night or to turn the light off completely after 30 minutes once the user has fallen asleep.

This light was designed for peak performance. It includes two types of light-emitting diodes (LED): cool white and warm white. Because the different diodes are evenly spaced over the surface of the light and due to the well-designed light diffusion panel, the light is uniform no matter the lighting temperature or brightness selected.

Another great thing about this light is it has a high color rendering index which makes the true color of objects shine through. Strawberries will look redder, bananas more yellow, and the light will just be more flattering in general.



The lampshade is made of high-quality acrylic glass that is environment friendly, and has a high transmittance rate. That’s not all, the high-quality Samsung LED chips are imported for use and were even approved for an EU Biological Safety Certificate.

As for the base, it’s made of cold roll steel sheet metal that’s 0.5mm thick and handles heat well. The power unit uses Dalen’s own driver as well as high-quality electric elements that are assured for more than 5 years of life.

Double eye protection technology removes harmful blue light from the LEDs, acting as a filter and letting only healthy light through. Plus, these lights have a stable signal that doesn’t flicker which is more comfortable for the eyes, too. In fact, it was even tested by OLINO, a professional lamp measuring service in the Netherlands.

One of the most useful features of the build is the seal. It’s dust- and insect-proof which means that nothing unsightly will collect in the light over time.

Dalen EyeCare Smart LED Lights Review



This light is extremely convenient thanks to the included remote control. It allows the user to do just about anything, including powering the light off and on and adjusting both the brightness and warmth. There are also designated buttons to go right into whole light or night light. You can also set it for a glare-free mode that dims the brightness from 100% to 90% over a 30-minute time period to lower energy consumption.

Of course, not everyone prefers a remote control so adjustments can also be made from a wall switch. All of the features are not available on the wall switch but it can adjust from whole light mode to warm white mode to night light mode.


How Smart Is It?

This light has a lot of great features in areas that other lights just fall short. The fact that there are so many different lighting options as well as dimming options makes it really versatile. In fact, there’s a mode to satisfy just about any taste. It’s also designed with a filter that makes the light safer for the eyes and it’s built really solidly.

While this light does a lot of things that other lights cannot do, it does not have voice commands, auto adjustments, or compatibility with any virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Cortana. It also does not have an app.


Warranty & Support

This light comes with a 2-year warranty from Dalen. During the first year, if problems arise that are not the fault of the consumer, the free on-site warranty will apply. If Dalen is not found to be responsible for the issue, a $45 fee will be applied. In the second year of the warranty, the product must be shipped to Dalen at the cost of the consumer for repair or replacement. Alternatively, for a $45 fee, on-site service can be provided instead.

It should be noted that the remote control is not covered by this warranty. Read all the terms and conditions of Dalen’s warranty policy and support services here.



Overall, Dalen EyeCare Smart LED Lights have a lot of innovative features that aren’t found in most lights for your home. Not only can you choose different temperatures of light, you can also adjust brightness. There’s also a night mode that provides a warm glow that’s perfect for sleeping. You can also set the sleep mode so that it turns off after 30 minutes to save energy consumption after you’ve fallen asleep. The remote control is really convenient and allows you to fine tune all the adjustments.

This light is built of high-quality materials and comes with a 2-year warranty that includes onsite support. Overall, there are a lot of great features to light up your home according to your preferences.